The Angel Baby Brand was developed with deep care and passion in Sofia, Bulgaria. We choose to work with only high quality materials and create comfortable designs while paying meticulous attention to the smallest detail. We firmly believe that children’s clothing today should be stylish and at the same comfortable and safe.

One may think that the idea of developing the Angel Baby Brand was born after many failed attempts at finding the right baby products for our own children. Actually this was not the case even though we experienced a fair amount of difficulties in this regard.

Looking back wecan not even clearly remember, how exactly we decided to enter the world of children's clothing. The one thing we know with certainty is that it has always been our goal to create something special of our own and build it from scratch just the way we see it. In the process we give our 100% and continuously try to improve in everything we do.

The Angel Baby Brand was created by us, two former employees in an international corporation, who spent our lunch breaks making plans and dreaming of something bigger than us, something that will give our lives a purpose in a way we couldn't have imagined. We are Dessi (marketing specialist) and Dimitar (physicist and econimist) who dared to believe that designing and creating children's clothing is an easy job. We couldn't have been more wrong. We realized that in order to be the best we can in what we do, we needed to start learning - about the different materials and fabrics, about the dyes and colours, the safety of children clothing as well as the international safety regulations and innovations. We started learning from the best - the best fabric manufacturers, the strictest international law regulations, from the best clothing companies on the market and most importantly from you - the parents. You became an integral part of our product design process. You hold us to the highest standards and remind us on a daily basis that even the smallest details matter.

We've put together a small team of dedicated people, who, with their own personalities and individuality, give the Brand its essence and leave a mark in every new product we create.  We now look at the future with confidence and excitement. The Brand is the proud winner of the Kind und Jugend Innovation Award 2017, Family Choice Award 2017- and a finalist at the Forbes's Awards in the Client Policy category.

Every day we strive to share our knowledge, encourage and be part of projects and social causes that aim to educate and make a difference in all aspects of children's lives, and are close to our heart. And even though our company is growing, we will never forget how precious it is to be small.