Our Donation

With every purchase you make, we donate newborn sleeping bags to maternity wards in need. Our goal is to completely replace the old, loose blankets, which pose a great risk to the newborn, with new and safe baby sleeping bags.

Why a sleeping bag?

The sleeping bag is the best choice when it comes to the safety of your sleeping child. By using the correct sleeping bag, in terms of size and warmth grade (tog), you will ensure your child’s body temperature is just right - she will be protected from the cold and at the same time from overheating.

According to the newest studies, this can also decrease the risk of the sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

The sleeping bags we are donating, are specifically designed to fit the needs of newborns in maternity wards. They feature a swaddle option and allow the use of medical equipment if needed.

Who we donate to?

The maternity ward is not just a place where babies are born, but also a place where women begin their motherhood journey and start learning how to give the best care possible to their newborn babies. By donating newborn sleeping bags to maternity wards in need, we are laying the foundation for a safe and healthy bedtime routine, which is a vital part off all SIDS prevention efforts.

Beyond Giving

The "Sleeping Bag with a Mission" initiative is an important part of our "Baby Safe Sleep" campaign, which aims to increase newborn safety during the sleep, as well as contribute to the prevention of SIDS. Parents learn about the factors that can increase the risk of SIDS and also about the measures they can take to ensure the highest level of safety for their babies.