Once upon a time, there was a very brave little boy. Every night, a flying dragon would appear in his dream and the two would battle. Even though the boy was not afraid of anything, he could not defeat the dragon. In his dream, the boy would start kicking with his feet and make his blanket slip off the bed. As soon as he became uncovered, his feet would get cold, then his tummy and eventually his entire body would start freezing. All he wanted to do was run away.

Night after night, the boy would get uncovered and couldn't defeat the dragon.

One night, right before falling asleep, he heard a strange noise coming from behind his nightlight. It sounded like the clanging of a knight’s sword. Indeed. A little knight appeared - it was the Night Knight.

'Good evening!' said the Night Knight. 'My dear friend, I know how to help you. Look what’s underneath your bed. In this beautiful bag you will find a magical sleeping bag.

When a child puts it on, it keeps him warm and safe during the entire night. The child would cuddle with it, stay warm and then this boy or girl would have the sweetest and magical dreams.

You should try it!'

The little boy put on his magical Night Knight sleeping bag.

He started feeling its gentle warmth and closed his eyes. He was fast asleep.

The dragon appeared in his dream, but this time instead of looking scary, he was smiling. Without any fear the boy got closer and gently petted the dragon on his head.

He carefully climbed on top of the dragon’s back and they both flew away above snowy mountains and beautiful valleys. It was magical. They became great friends.

Night after night the boy dreamt of new and exciting adventures.

In the meantime, the Night Knight, started visiting children all over the world and delivering magical sleeping bags, so that even the littlest children can sleep warm and dream big. He brought you one too. Put it on and sleep well.

A wonderful adventure awaits you!